Kings Bible College

Kings Bible and Business College (KBBC) is an educational institution driven with the goal of providing Christian theology as well as contemporary business education through teaching and research.


KBBC has chosen to offer academic programs through distance learning, online learning and on classroom-based settings.


Our staff and faculty are trained by some of the prestigious seminaries and theological colleges in the USA.


The faculty of the Business department consists of lecturers with high quality degrees also obtained from some of the prestigious universities in Europe and have equally gained several years of teaching skills and experiences from some of these universities

Our Vision

To provide high quality Biblical Theology and cutting-edge business education to all people of age.

Developing Business Skills

To maximise the development of individual business skills.

Promoting Activity & Scholarship

We cherish a holistic approach to learning where both theory and practice are vigorously pursued.

Affordable education

We provide an accessible and affordable business education to all peoples, cultures, ages, sexes as well as with diverse socio-economic background.


Our Bible College

Kings Bible College


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