Our Vision Statement

To provide high quality Biblical Theology and cutting-edge business education to all people of age.

Under theology, KBBC has the following core values:

  1. To train and equip Christians for leadership in their respective churches with sound theological knowledge and Biblical interpretations.
  2. To imbue Christians to acquire skills in church administration
  3. To empower church leaders and Christians in general to be engines of evangelism through the knowledge acquired.
  4. On the business front, KBBC is to train and prepare business leaders who would be apt at identifying business opportunities to exploit as well as bringing under control the challenges that are abound to occur in the unpredictable business environment.

With respect to Business education, KBBC brings to the fore the following core values:

  1. KBBC strives to maximise the development of individual business skills and acumen through small class sizes which foster rich and intimate faculty-student relationship
  2. KBBC values and cherishes a holistic approach to learning where both theory and practice are vigorously pursued and thus promote activity and scholarship which are essential tools for effectively developing and positioning tomorrow’s business leaders in the business environment
  3. Provision of accessible and affordable business education to all peoples, cultures, ages, sexes as well as with diverse socio-economic background. Respect, tolerance and acceptance by and for all are key values that promote learning.