Sandwich Program

Modern technology has made following academic and professional degrees quite easy. Students can now enroll online and take all courses online without travelling outside their home countries. However, some students would have the interest to move to other parts of the world away from their home countries to experience other cultures. In addition to the ONSITE or ONLINE programs, KBBC offers a third option for students, that is the SANDWICH program. The sandwich program allows students to come for three (3) months intensive studies at KBBC’s campus in The Hague, The Netherlands and return to their home countries to continue with their studies online for the subsequent semester. This sandwich program is applicable to students who are pursuing a bachelor or a master degree at KBBC. For example, students pursuing a bachelor degree take three (3) years to complete and, are optionally required to participate in the sandwich program for the first two (2) years. Final year bachelor or master students are advised to reside in the Netherlands to complete their programs.